Blackman House Museum Goes Hollywood

Blackman House Museum
For the past week the interior of our house museum has been cast in the role of a brothel.

The independent feature, “You Can’t Win” is based on the book of the same name published in 1926. Black’s autobiographical novel tracks his life on the road freight-hopping across the western United States and Canada, and his experiences with the Yegg Brotherhood of hobos, bums, tramps and criminals who rode the rails in turn-of-the-century America. In the movie treatment, Jack finds redemption from his wild ways in the love of a prostitue — hence a brothel.

Mayor Karen Guzak (L), Michael Pitt and unidentified cast memberStaring in and producing is Michael Pitt, recently appearing in “Boardwalk” an HBO production. He is pictured here with Mayor Karen Guzak (and a Society super supporter), with an unidentified cast member.

Mayor Karen joining the cast and crew for "lunch" in the Waltz Building Mayor Karen was invited to join the cast and crew for their “lunch” break. The Waltz Building played the role of lunch room for the cast and crew of close to 100 people.

Shooting in Snohomish ended on May 14th.