Thirty-Four Years of Memories

Eleanor Leight at the Blackman House Museum
Eleanor Leight with the second Chinese Dragon puppet head

The first puppet head wore out. So Bill Jack built another one, now on exhibit at the Blackman House Museum’s Gallery — along with costumes, props and photos galore!

Besides, the first one was to big. Eleanor tells the hysterical story of her oldest son, Steven, who was wearing the puppet head in one of the early shows and couldn’t get through a door. The dragon puppet glows wen lit with only black-light and is an audience favorite.

Eleanor led the Leight Fantastics dance troupe along with a variety of talent through 34 years of shows that came to end this past Mother’s Day weekend.

It all began when the first president of the Society, Everett Olsen asked Eleanor if she might put a show together as a fundraiser for the new historical society — never thinking it would turn into an annual event.

(Scroll down for a documentary excerpt of Everett.)

But Eleanor, who celebrated her nineth birthday this year, will continue on with rehearsals for smaller shows at the Evergreen Fair and other venues. So, it’s still not too late to learn tap.

You can join Eleanor and the gang on Monday evening’s at St Michael’s Hall, and on Thursdays at the Snohomish Center Center; which is a good place to contact Eleanor for more information. “No one is turned away,” she emphasized.

The Blackman House is open Saturday and Sunday afternoons from noon until 3 o’clock, and by appointment — call 425.315.2256 to make arrangements.

You may read more about Eleanor on the web at The Women’s Legacy Project.

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  1. The website is pictures and info of the book on Tal Henry and His North Carolinians Orchestra. After years in the 1920’s and 30’s, 40’s, Tal Henry was European Director of Theatre U.S.O. Shows with Eleanor Leight in the Rockettes during that time. We as son and daughter-in-law of Tal Henry would like to be in touch with Eleanor since Iola Brubeck, Dave (deceased) and Chris with Tish Brubeck have informed us about Eleanor and her work.

    Yours truly,
    Sara and Tal Henry, Jr.

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